Berlin Highlights

Berlin, Germany

The city of Berlin in Germany is one of my favourite cities in all of Europe. Berlin has so much history in its city and I fell in love with the quirky culture of Berlin with the street art, the Ampelman in East Berlin and the various abandoned sites you can explore. This city offers variety and is a must for those travelling to Europe.

1.       Tefulsburg Tower

Once a NSA spy tower used during WW11 is now an urban explorers dream. Tefulsburg is on the edge of Berlin near Grunewald forest and use S-Bahn 5. Tefulsburg is in the centre of the park and you will find street art and abandoned artworks. This is a must if you enjoy urban exploring.


2.       Yaam (Young African Art Market)

The Yaam has its own bar hut and beach chairs and sand to look out on the Spree River. Also at the village you can get African cuisine from the food vans, play soccer on the turf and check out some African artwork in the local gallery. If you are looking for something a little different than the usual tourist trail check this out.

3.       Sandmans New Walking Tour

At any new city I love to get my bearings by going on a free walking tour. I have used Sandmans in the past in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Vienna and Munich so I would recommend them for the free walking tours. The Berlin walking tour takes you to the main historic sights of Berlin like the Brandemburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and remnants of the Berlin Wall, Hitlers Bunker and many more.

The tour starts at Brandenburg gate and next to Hotel Aldon famous for Michael Jackson holding Prince out the window.


4.       Murdered Jews of Europe Memorial

A must on any visit to Berlin. The Murdered Jews of Europe Memorial was designed by Peter Eisenman. You will wander through over 2000 stones at all different heights and widths. The experience is different and personal for everyone.


5.       East Side Gallery

1 kilometre of the Berlin Wall located on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has become an artistic dream. You can walk up and down the open gallery looking at the artworks and the stunning views of the River Spree.

6.       Mitte

The district of Mitte is becoming a popular place for famous street art in Berlin. Through Mitte look out for the artwork by Alias and El Bocho and his artwork Little Lucy. Have a wander through the little alleyways to find some unique street art.


7.       Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom is located on Museum Island. The Berliner Dom was damaged druing during the war but today is it restored and is one of the most impressive churches in the city.


8.       Mauerpark

This is one of the coolest things to do in Berlin. Head to Mauerpark on a Sunday and visit the flea markets. From 3pm you can head to the amphitheatre and watch some karaoke and crazy performance. It is an awesome way to spend an afternoon.





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