Bruges Highlights

If you have seen the movie ‘In Bruges’ staring Colin Farrel and Brenden Gleson you would have discovered the beauty of this Belgian city.  If not, Bruges in a magical city about 1 hour from the capital of Belgium. Bruges is a city trapped in time with traditional architecture, cobbled streets and horse and carriage through the old town.  The city of Bruges can be seen as a day trip so here are my tips for your next visit here:

Visit the Lake of Love

This small rectangular lake is actually called ‘Minnewater’ and is a great place to wander around. There is a bridge at the end of the lake and very romantic.

bruges-2 Belfry Tower

Right in the centre of the main square in Bruges the Belfry tower is easy to find. The tower has 366 steps but your efforts are rewarded with stunning views of Bruges and the surroundings. On a clear day you can see all the way to the ocean.


Have a Belgian Waffle

This is a must! Ranging from 3-5 Euro you can pick up a waffle with chocolate, strawberries and cream. Arguably the waffle van parked near Burg Square has the best Belgian waffles.

Try Belgian fries

The origins of the French fry has been traced back to Belgian. Grab yourself original Belgian fries!

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Located in Burg Square this church is known to have vial containing a cloth of the blood of Jesus Christ. There is a festival in May called the ‘Procession of the Blood’ and the Bishop of Bruges carries the vial through the streets and there are historic enactments.

Explore the canals

This place wouldn’t be called the ‘Venice of the North’ without a trip of the canals of Bruges. The boat trips of the canals take you into places and past landmarks that are not accessible by foot. You can truly relax and enjoy Bruges incredible sites.



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