Lake Bled Highlights

Lake Bled, Slovenia

It has been Lake Bled that has truly captured my heart through its immense natural beauty with the alpine surroundings. As soon as you step into Lake Bled you will be blown away by its picturesque castles, lakes, waterfalls and churches. It is a small town so you can easily take a day trip from the capital Ljubiana or stay a few nights. Then you can decide whether you have just visited the most romantic lake in the world?

1.       Viewpoint Ojstrica

This is the classic Lake Bled shot of the lake, the island and the surrounding Julian Mountains. The hike itself takes about 30-40min and I would recommend closed in shoes because there are loose steep rocks and uneven surfaces. The views are simply beautiful. If you wanted to do another lookout along the trail there are several other lookout options.


2.       Toboggans and High Ropes Course

The toboggan run and high rope course is an easy 10 min walk from the town centre. The toboggan run and the high ropes course offer splendid views of Lake Bled and the surrounding countryside. During summer the toboggans usually run till 7-8pm so you can easily do activities during the day and then head to the toboggans at dusk a quick adrenaline rush. Be aware on rainy weather the toboggans may be closed due to safety.


3.       Swimming in Lake

There are plenty of places to have a swim in the beautiful Lake Bled. There is a paid swimming pool with a small waterpark about a 10 min walk from the town centre. There also is a wharf near the rowing centre on the side of the lake where the campground is. There is plenty of other spots around the lake to swim. There also are signs that say that swimming is not permitted in some locations. If you feel like a swimming superstar you can even swim out to the island!

4.       Island

In the middle of Lake Bled there is an island which features the Church of Assumption. You can either swim, rent a boat or hop on the traditional Slovenian Plenta boats to take you to island. On the island you can visit the church, the bell tower and learn about some mysterious legends of Bled.

5.       Vintgar Gorge

Located 4km from Lake Bled is Vintgar Gorge. Nestled deep in the]rock of Hom and Bort hills and the Radivna waterfalls you can wander through the 1.6 km gorge with boardwalks over around Vintgar. The water is stunning from different shades of blue and green. At the end of the walk at the base there is a waterfall which you can swim in. Be aware this water is freezing. Vintgar is Slovenia’s largest waterfall and leaves an impression of any visitor.


6.       Walk around the Lake

The distance of the loop around the lake is 6km. It is a flat stroll. You will pass places to swim, toboggans, Rowing club, campsite, a supermarket and viewpoints.


7.       Day Trip to Lake Bohinj

This is the sister to Lake Bled and there are usually less tourists. You can get buses from the Lake Bled bus station to take you to Lake Bohinj. Bohinj is a lovely place to relax and swim in the stunning water. There are many options for those more adventurous with several hiking trails, kayaking and even horse riding. If you have time come and visit Bohinj.

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