Vienna Highlights

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is best for its history and art culture. Whilst in Vienna you can wander along narrow alleyways, view the two Habsburg palaces and discover the vast cultural attractions. Get lost in the music and art of Vienna and come and visit the capital of Austria.

·         Schonbrunn Palace

Visit the summer residence of the Habsburgs family at Schonbrunn Palace. You can wander through the palace gardens and mazes, the Palm house, the Gloriette and even a zoo. A small selection of the 1141 rooms are publicly accessible for visitors.  It is no surprise that Schonbrunn is the most visited tourist attraction in Austria.


·         St Stephans Cathedral

One of the main squares in all of Vienna you can view Vienna’s most important Gothic landmark. You can enter for free and view the pictures and figures inside the cathedral. If you want to climb the towers for an impressive view over the city centre costs about 3-5 Euro. There is an elevator on the North tower but in the South tower you have to climb 343 steps.


·         Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is a 6 block long market where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, backed goods and meat. This is the perfect spot to come and get some snacks for a picnic.

·         Vienna Opera House

The Vienna Opera House is a worldwide opera house with daily opera performances, ballet shows and concerts. The Vienna state opera offers budget backpackers the chance to see the opera at low prices. On the day of the opera you can purchase standing tickets as low as 3 Euro vs 45 Euro for seated tickets. During the summer periods the Opera also showcase the performance on certain nights on a large screen outside. You can be walking through the city or even sit on some seats near the screen to watch the Opera all for free.

·         Hunterwasser Haus

You can admire the colourful apartment block designed by Freidensreich Huntewasser who incorporated nature in his design. You can only view his work from the outside as people live in the building. Freidensreich has visions for free architecture and wanted architecture without standards and straight lines. Around the Hunterwasser Haus there is a village with cafes and souvenir shops as well as a museum.

·         Prater

Wander through one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.  Prater park is well known for its giant Ferris wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains and carousels. Spend a beautiful day or come enjoy Prater at night time with fabulous lights.


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