Ljubiana Highlights

Ljubiana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital and largest city Ljubiana is a must for any traveller. Ljubiana has a relaxed atmosphere with a small town approachability making this city very unique. Ljubiana has many picturesque scenery and architecture and is in a central geographical position making it easy for further explorations of Slovenia. From the second I stepped in Ljubiana I was blown away with its magical and authentic feel and it is unlike any other capital city in Europe. You may find that not many people are likely to travel here as it not very popular with tourists and is an underestimated city. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU! Visit Ljubiana and get lost in the magic.

Dragon Bridge

Find the mythical beasts on Dragon Bridge known as ‘Jason’s Dragon’. The dragons on each corner of the bridge are a significant part of Ljubiana’s history. The Ljubiana dragon is now the symbol of all the city.


Tivoli Park

This is the main park in the city. Sometimes along the chestnut-tree lined paths there are photography and art exhibitions. Come and enjoy a picnic and escape the heat on a summer day.


This is an urban explorers dream. Metelkova is abandoned military barracks which has now become an artistic dream with various abandoned artworks on balconies, spray painted cars and playground equipment. Metelkova comes alive at night and this is your chance to hang with local students to enjoy a beverage or two. You will definitely get your Insta pictures here and make everyone at home jealous!


Triple Bridge and Main Square

The triple bridge is an unusual bridge that you will come across in Ljubiana. It is frequently crossed as it connects the main square to the markets and Old town. When heading to triple bridge you will find a main square with ‘beware of rain’ signs surrounding a circle. Within the large circle you will experience Ljubiana’s consistent rain. This is one of those quirky things in Ljubiana that you will just have to see to believe.  


Ljubiana Castle

Ljubiana Castle stands above the city on a hill that overlooks majority of the city. In order to reach the castle you can choose to walk a 10-20 min or catch a funicular up to the top. In the castle you can visit a museums including a Puppet museum and the Outlook Tower which has beautiful views over the city of Ljubiana.  


Day Trip to Lake Bled

Lake Bled is an easy bus ride away from Ljubiana. Lake Bled is 1 hour away. Visit my blog for Lake Bled highlights for more information.



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