Alice Springs Highlights

Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs is in the heart of the Australian outback. Whilst in Alice Springs you can explore the Australian Aboriginal culture and visit the many natural wonders in the Northern Territory. You can explore the MacDonnell Ranges, trek the Larapinta trail and explore the cities outback lifestyle before heading onto Uluru or Kings Canyon.  Majority of my 2 days in Alice Springs before a flight to Uluru was spent at the West MacDonnell Ranges and exploring some of the city. In the Northern Territory I would highly recommend buying mosquito nets to cover your face!


·         Simpsons Gap

Simpsons Gap is one of the waterhole gaps in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Please note that you are unable to swim at Simpsons Gap. There are various walks within the area and also a sealed cycle path. You may also see the colony of Black footed Rock wallabies that love on the rocky slopes!


·         Ellery Creek Big Hole

Visit the spectacular waterhole in Ellery Creek. Ellery Creek is excellent for swimming but the water is extremely cold! You can also camp at Ellery Creek with picnic facilities and several walking trails.


·         Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm is the only privately owned gorges in the ranges and therefore means that there is an entry fee. The red narrow chasm is spectacular. When the sun is right above the chasm walls light up bright orange. There also is a shop and a campground here.


·         Henbury Meteorite Conservation Reserve

Explore 12 craters which were formed 4700 years ago. The Henbury Meteor accelerated to over 40,000km per hour and split into fragments forming the 12 craters. There is a walking track around the craters and the deepest crater is 180 metres wide and 15 metres deep.


·         Anzac Hill

Walk up to Anzac Hill at sunset for excellent views of Alice Springs and the West McDonald Ranges. At Anzac Hill you can pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have lost their lives in war. 

·         Olive Pink Botanic Gardens

This desert botanical garden is a beautiful place to start the day after breakfast at the excellent Bean Tree Café. The garden features many Central Australian native plants and you may come across some kangaroos along the way. There also is a walk up to Annie Myer Hill for views over Alice and the MacDonnell Ranges.





















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