Venice Highlights

Venice, Italy

This was my first time visiting the famous Venice in Italy. Venice is popular for many travellers because of its historic canals, gondolas and meandering streets and bridges. Venice is a romantic city and be prepared to be lost in the beautiful streets. I didn’t have many expectations of visiting this city but probably won’t come back until I am older and have more money to spend! It is expensive to stay on the main island so a budget friendly option is to stay further out of the city or even on the mainland.


·         St Marks Basilica

St Marks Basilica is one of the most famous churches in all of Venice. The basilica is located close to the Grand Canal and located on St Mark’s square. Inside the basilica you can see some beautiful mosaics and the exterior architecture is stunning. Don’t be put off by the massive line because it moves very quickly. Be aware that you need to dress appropriately (no shorts or singlet’s) and large bags are not permitted inside. You need to make sure you store your backpack away in lockers otherwise you will be pulled out of the line and have to reline up to enter.


·         Gondola Ride

This is an expensive bucket list item AKA 80 Euro for a gondola for 40 min. If you don’t mind sharing the experience of floating down the Venice canals splitting the gondola can be a more affordable option. The gondoliers will also provide you with a wealth of knowledge of the city and if you are lucky they may even sing! You could also pay 2 Euro to go on a gondola across the Grand Canal used as a transportation taxi for people getting across the waterways. Sometimes you will find that there will be no-one waiting for the taxi service and you can get those Instagram pictures.

·         Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the city. This bridge is busy and full of numerous shops and stalls to buy some souvenirs and have a bite to eat.

·         Get Lost

One of the greatest things to do in Venice is to simply rip up the map and get lost in the city. The major tourist sites in the city like St Mark’s Square are full of hustle and bustle and if you simply walk 2 or 3 streets back from the square you will find tiny alleyways and canals all to yourself. Venice is best explored on foot from the connection of the bridges making it an extremely unique experience.

·         Day Trip Murano

The island of Murano is another easy ferry ride from Venice. Murano is famous for its Murano handmade glass .Whilst in Murano you can visit many glass museums and factories learning the history of the handmade glass. Murano also has the Church of San Pietro Martiere and the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato.

·         Day Trip Burano

Burano is a beautiful colourful island located a 45 min ferry ride from Venice. Burano is known for its famous Burano lace and as a fishing village. All the houses in Burano are painted bright colours making it easy for the fisherman to find their homes through the fog. Burano is a beautiful island to wander around and eat some local seafood!



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