Khao Sok National Park Highlights

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

If you are dreaming of a natural wonderland with floating bungalows and the unspoiled jungle then Khao Sok National Park is the place for you to visit. I visited Khao Sok to celebrate my 18th birthday as a special treat and it was magical. The national park spans across 739 square kilometres and I only saw a small glimpse of the national park visiting the 165 kilometre Cheow Lan lake. Cheow Lan is a beautiful place to see hundreds of island limestone cliffs rising from turquoise water. The scenery is something you expect to see in a movie!  Khao Sok is about a 1.5 hour drive to the main pier from Khao Lak and about 3 hours from Phuket.


Accommodation: Across Khao Sok there are many options for accommodation. You can choose to stay outside the national park or in the national park itself. There are variety of jungle bungalows as well as various floating water bungalows for a variety of budgets. I opted out of  a bamboo bungalow as I was told that the bungalows can be very squeaky at night time so I stayed in a wooden bungalow and it was incredible. It is a surreal experience staying in a floating bungalow. You can hear the lapping of the water on the wood underneath you and some bungalows may even have a glass screen so you can see the fish and water underneath you!


You can spend your time at Khao Sok relaxing and exploring. You can swim, go tubing, kayak and fish in the lake. My mornings were spent kayaking around the lake looking for monkeys and gibbons.

 If you have access to a boat you can also visit one of the various caves in the national park. You will j tie up and enter spectacular cave system. Be sure to have your own torches handy! Also at sunrise we also used the boat to float around some of the shorelines seeing many monkeys swing from tree to tree and hear the native birds sing from the jungle.


Other activities include jungle trekking, visiting elephants, waterfalls and bamboo rafting.

You will be amazed with the breath-taking natural scenery and I cannot recommend visiting here enough. From the untouched jungle, waterfalls and limestone cliffs that rise from the lake PLEASE take a visit to Khao Sok for a unique Thailand experience that you will never forget.


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